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2 febrero, 2016
10 octubre, 2015
Hangsterfer’s Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the research, development and manufacture of a full-line of REACH compliant metalworking lubricants. This includes emulsifiable oils, semi-synthetics, synthetics, straight cutting oils, drawing and forming compounds, EDM fluid and machine lubricants. Improve your surface quality and tool life when machining, grinding and forming aluminum, chrome, nickel, Stainless Steel, titanium and their alloys. All products are produced in an ISO 9001 approved facility. Dr. William Hangsterfer founded the company in 1937 and we are currently in our third generation of leadership and our original founder’s vision is still evident, “To develop the world’s most efficient metalworking lubricants and compounds.” Our products will exceed your expectations without compromise to health, safety or environmental concerns.

Consumibles y productos Hangstefer's

17 diciembre, 2015

Refrigerantes concentrados

Coolant Concentrates Our bio-stable technology has evolved from the high quality emulsifiable oils (high oil content) into semi-synthetic (low oil content) and full synthetics (no oil […]
17 diciembre, 2015

Aceites de corte

Cutting Oils Hangsterfer’s cutting oils are recognized by Swiss-Style screw machine manufacturers around the world. Hard-Cut has improved tool life and surface qualities by as much […]
17 diciembre, 2015

Compuesto para formado de metales

Metalforming Compounds Our “grease-like” metalforming compounds are highly fortified with additives that prevent metal-to-metal contact at the tool-workpiece interface where temperatures can exceed 1000° C. Elastrohydrodynamic […]
17 diciembre, 2015

Lubricantes de Maquina-Herramientas

Lubricantes de Máquina – Herramientas In the early 1980s, Hangsterfer’s developed “coolant compatible” machine lubricants that do not cause negative coolant effects such as odor, staining […]
17 diciembre, 2015

Líquido Dieléctrico

Dielectric Fluid Our dielectric fluids have allowed our users with EDM machines to increase amperage, thus reducing process times by as much as 30%. Also, they […]
17 diciembre, 2015

Productos Misceláneos

Miscellaneous Products Rust Inhibitors are available in both aqueous and non-aqueous varieties. We have products for very short term, as well as long-term protection. Aqueous cleaners […]
17 diciembre, 2015

TSP Equipment

TSP Equipment Total System Partnership® (TSP) is the Hangsterfer’s division, which supplies basic yet functional equipment that aids in the longevity of metalworking fluids. “Walk before […]


Hangsterfer’s ofrece una línea completa de refrigerantes concentrados, aceites de corte, compuestos para formado de metales, lubricantes.