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25 junio, 2015
Sodick HS430L High Speed Mill
25 junio, 2015


Sodick TT1-400A High Speed Mill


Milling Machine


The TT1-400A is ideal for High Speed Precision Machining of small parts.

Sodick, a manufacturer of high precision machining centers since 1988, developed the TT1-400A based on the advanced core technologies incorporated in the company's highly renowned and successful HS Series.  The TT1-400A, which is built in Japan, shares the same ultra precise motion control and linear motor drive platform.  This technology developed in Sodick's Research and Development facility in Silicon Valley, California is testimony to the TT1-400A's capability to produce high precision electrodes at incredible speeds while maintaining accuracy.


40,000 RPM Spindle
Rigid Linear Motor Driven (X, Y, Z)
Heidenhain Glass Scales (X, Y, Z)
Blum Laser Tool Measurement
Touch Sensor Automatic Part Centering Device
Up to 1.2G Axes Acceleration
Graphite Mill
Copper Mill



Drive Mechanism
Linear Motor Driven System
X-Axis Travel
15.75" (400 mm)*
Y-Axis Travel 9.84" (250 mm)
Z-Axis Travel
11.81" (300 mm)
Table to Spindle Distance
5.91" ~ 17.72" (150 ~ 450 mm)
Spindle RPM 6,000 ~ 40,000 rpm
Tool Holder Type
Maximum Tool Diameter
.236" (6 mm)
X, Y, Z Max Acceleration
Up to 1.2G
Rapid Feed Rate
1,440ipm (36 m/min)
Table Size
16.54" x 10.24" (420 x 260 mm)
Maximum Weight on Table
66.0 lbs (30 kg)**
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H)
70.86" x 104.21" x 110.0" (1,800 x 2,647 x 2,793 mm)
Required Floor Space

118.1" x 153.54" (3,000 x 3,900 mm)

 *X Axis travel is reduced when Blum Laser is present on worktable.

**Maximum weight is reduced for micro machining at 1.2G maximum acceleration.


Detailed Product Description

40,000 RPM HIgh Speed Spindle (HSK-E25)

When designing the high-speed, high torque spindle, Sodick drew on its in-depth expertise in high-speed machining.  Every aspect of the design was revised for longer spindle life and to enable high-speed, high-precision direct milling of small parts.

Accuracy and Rigidity are Delivered Though Machine Construction

With Linear Motors and Linear Scales included as standard equipment, actual static accuracy measurements of the TT1-400A are as follows:

Positioning Accuracy........................................within 3μm (0.00012")

Full Stroke Repeatability...................................within 3μm (0.00012")

Circular Cutting (1.575" dia. @ 400 ipm).............within 3μm (0.00012")

Sodick uses THK Linear Motion Guides to further enhance the performance of the Sodick TT1-400A.  The benefits of the THK Linear Motion Guides include:

 High Radial Load Capacity

 Highest Speed Capacity and Rigidity

 Vibration and Shock Resistance

• High Rotational Accuracy

All Axes Driven by Sodick Rigid Linear Motors

Sodick introduced their first Rigid Linear Motor Driven machines in 1999, replacing the dated ball screw technology at the time.  With over 35,000 rigid linear motor machines delivered, Sodick has perfected this technology.  The TT1-400A benefits from the advantages of rigid linear motor drives, including; no balls screws, no backlash, no lost motion, increased cutting speed and no maintenance. Rigid Linear Motors are the ideal solution for graphite milling.