Tsugami SS207-5AX
Tsugami SS207-5AX
22 febrero, 2016
Tsugami BW12 - III
Tsugami BW12
22 febrero, 2016

Tsugami SS327-5AX

Tsugami SS327-5AX

Tsugami SS327-5AX

32 mm, B-Axis Sliding Headstock Swiss Type Lathe

Ultimate Swiss Turn for Complex-Shaped Parts

The Tsugami SS327-5AX Swiss Type Lathe is a high-performance automatic lathe that performs continuous live cutting using a servo-driven B-axis, which enables you to cut complex parts complete in a single set-up.  The B-axis contains live tools (four front, four rear) which can machine in coordination with the C-axis, delivering the ability to cut precise angles and sculpted contours.  The swiveling B-axis transforms this Swiss type lathe into a multitasking turning center that can drill, tap, and end mill any angle.

The Tsugami SS327-5AX lathe's modular tool zone makes it easy to change cartridge-type live cross and face tools in either the main or sub spindle, decreasing changeover time.  Multiple angle cuts by the same tool also decreases the total number of tools required. For machining complex shapes, this is the ultimate Swiss type lathe.

Key Advantages include:   

  • 7-axis Machining, Simultaneous 4 & 5-axis Machining with CAD/CAM 
  • B-axis Swiveling Tool Spindle can machine virtually any angle – drilling, tapping, end milling
  • B-axis Live Tools (four front, four rear) create sculpted shapes
  • B-axis Control enables thread whirling or hobbing without dedicated attachments
  • Mutual Tool Use for Different Angles via B-Axis Control 
  • Modular Tool Zone, cartridge type live cross and face tools, main and sub spindle
  • Fanuc 31i-B5      

The Tsugami SS327-5AX CNC Lathe is CONVERTIBLE and may be run as a traditional sliding headstock Swiss Type Lathe using the guide bushing or run without the guide bushing with the addition of an optional chucker kit. When run as a “chucker” the lathe can use drawn bar stock instead of centerless ground stock, dramatically reducing remnant size and increasing shop flexibility.


Maximum Bar Stock 32mm
# Axes 7
Sliding Headstock / Guide Bushing YES
CONVERTIBLE: Run w/o Guide Bushing (chucker) Yes
Max  Length: with Guide Bushing
Max Length: w/o Guide Bushing

320mm, 12.59”
70mm, 2.74"

# Tool Positions (std / max) 38
# Live Tool Positions (std / max) 16/17
Control FANUC 31i-B5
Main Spindle  Speed 200 – 8,000 rpm
Sub Spindle Speed 200 - 8,000 rpm
Live Tool Speed 5,000 rpm (B-axis tools)
Main Spindle Motor 3.7 /5.5kW
Weight 7,936lbs., 3,600kg
Footprint:  W x D x H 84.6”  x 50.3” x  79.1”; 2,150 × 1,280× 2,010mm


  • Back Cross Tool Spindle
  • Tool Spindle
  • Multiple Tool Spindle
  • Back Adapter