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Tsugami LaserSwiss
15 marzo, 2016

Tsugami M08SY

Tsugami M08SY

Tsugami M08SY

Turning Center with Y-Axis

Tsugami M08SY

CNC Milling and Turning on Rigid Platform

The Tsugami M08SY Turning Center with Y-axis allows you to perform highly complex machining, such as turning, drilling, boring, cross-drilling and CNC milling. Both the main and sub-spindle are equipped with state of the art integral built-in spindle motors which minimize vibration and provide superior accel/decel for heavy duty cutting and fine finishing of work pieces. The Y-axis enables, off-center CNC milling of complex parts, plus incorporating the sub-spindle which eliminates the need for secondary operations.

Ideal for a wide range of applications, the Tsugami M08SY turning center is built for high-accuracy, high-productivity machining. The Y axis allows for turret tool positioning above or below center. The robust 12 position turret mounted to the Y axis allows for driven tooling to be mounted at any turret position for use on the main or sub-spindles. This tool zone flexibility coupled with the C axis provides you with the capability and flexibility to machine virtually any feature and drop your part complete in one clamping.

Additionally, the Tsugami M08SY turning center is built for the long haul and features a very robust yet compact base. The X and Y features massive box way construction allowing for superior rigidity and dampening when taking heavy cuts. The Z slide is comprised of heavy duty linear roller guide ways for speed and rigidity. The three axes are designed for exceptional accuracy and long machine life.

Key Advantages include:

  • Turning Center with Y-Axis and Sub-Spindle
  • Built-in Spindles which minimize vibration and provides superior responsiveness
  • Small Footprint
  • Powerful Milling Capabilities
  • Live Tooling capability on All Positions
  • Fanuc 0i-TD Control
  • Affordable


Chuck Size  8 inch

Number of Stations


Main Spindle Speed/Motor   10 – 14.8 hp (7.5 / 11 kW)
Back Spindle Speed/Motor 7.45 – 10 hp (5.5 / 7.5 kW)
Max. Live Tool Speed       5,000 rpm
Control Fanuc 0i-TD
Weight 13,007 lbs, 5,900 kg
Width x Depth x Height 97.24" x 72.83" x 75.98"(2,470 x 1,850 x 1,930mm)


  • 60 or 118 Piece Tool Magazine
  • Bar Feeder Interface
  • Part Unloader
  • Part Conveyor
  • Parts Catcher
  • Ejector
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Mist Collector