Tsugami SS327-5AX
Tsugami SS327-5AX
22 febrero, 2016
Tsugami VA2
Tsugami VA2
22 febrero, 2016

Tsugami BW12

Tsugami BW12 - III

Tsugami BW12

12 mm, Independent Gang Slide Swiss Type Lathe

Dual Spindle, Dual Gang Slides Slash Cycle Time, Tsugami BW12 - III

The Tsugami BW12 - III Swiss Type Lathe uses its 3-path control system and dual independent gang slides to slash cycle time and produce complex parts quickly. Multiple driven tools on the main and sub spindle combined with front and rear sliding tool posts enable multiple simultaneous and/or overlapping Swiss Turning operations.

The Tsugami BW12 cycle time is dramatically reduced by simultaneous rough and finish OD turning, combined with simultaneous 2-face end-milling with cross rotary tools. The front and rear tool posts also perform overlapping machining, independent back side machining, simultaneous end-milling and balanced turning.

Key Advantages Include:

  • Two Gang Type Tool Posts on Independent Slides enables independent back side machining, simultaneous end-milling and balanced turning with fron/rear posts
  • Simultaneous 3-Path System control enables overlapping simultanous machining
  • Dramatic Cycle Time Reduction - 3-system control delivers zero tool change time
  • Intelligent High Speed Spindle detects drill breakage by motor load, eliminates need for conventional mechanical detector
  • 21 Tool  Positions, 24 m/min Rapid Traverse Rate
  • Open Tooling Arrangement - rotary tools may be replaced by OD tool, off-center drill or front ID tool for flexibility
  • 170 mm Stroke (Fixed Guide Bushing), 80mm (Rotary Guide Bushing)
  • Rapid Traverse Rate of 24 m/min - shortend idle and cycle times
  • Fanuc 16i-TB CNC


Maximum Bar Stock 12 mm
# Axes 7
Sliding Headstock / Guide Bushing YES
CONVERTIBLE: Run w/o Guide Bushing (chucker) NO
Max  Length: with Guide Bushing
Max Length: w/o Guide Bushing
170 mm (Fixed), 80 (Rotary)
# Tool Positions (std / max) 21
# Live Tool Positions (std / max) Variable per options - Open tooling arrangement
Control FANUC 16i-TB
Main Spindle  Speed 200 – 12,000 rpm
Sub Spindle Speed 200 – 12,000 rpm
Live Tool Speed 5,000 rpm
Main Spindle Motor 1.5 / 2.2 kW
Weight 5,842 lbs., 2,650 kg
Footprint:  W x D x H 69.9”  x 50.4” x  69.7”; 1,775 × 1,280 × 1,770mm  


  • ID Holder
  • Drill Holders
  • Back Adjustable ID HOlders
  • Tool Set Gauge
  • Main Spindle Adapters
  • Back Spindle Adapters