Tsugami B038T
Tsugami B038T
18 febrero, 2016
Tsugami BH38
Tsugami BH38
19 febrero, 2016

Tsugami BH20Z

Tsugami BH20Z

Tsugami BH20Z

20 mm High Performance Gang/Turret Turning Center

Heavy Duty, Efficient Machining of Complex-Shaped Workpieces

The Tsugami BH20Z Gang/Turret Turning Center combines the precision, accuracy, and speed of a high performance Swiss Type Lathe with the flexibility and additional rotary tool capability of a turning center with a turret.  In this unique combination, up to 35 tools on the tool posts (front gang and rear turret) combine to make complex-shaped workpieces in single set-up.

The BH20Z is an extremely rugged, powerful (main and sub spindles) machine which can perform 7 different types of simultaneous machining involving the front, back, and cross spindles.  Fanuc 31i-A CNC control is standard, typical of top-of-the-line Tsugami CNC machine tools.  If you need a heavyweight performer to make short work of heavy milling, turning, drilling, tapping, hobbing, and long thread whirling, the BH20Z is the right choice.

Key Advantages include:

  • Z-Axis Capability Added to Rear Turret, makes balanced turning, long thread whirling, and other options possible

  • Gang Tool Post + Turret + Dedicated Back Tool Post = Expanded Tool Options

  • Multiple Simultaneous Machining Options on front, back, and cross spindles make complex parts in one set-up and slash cycle times

  • Independent Turret Drive improves accuracy and power, reduces thermal distortion.

  • Excellent Rigidity and Thermal Characteristics due to Tsugami fine ground cast iron base.

  • Powerful Back Spindle Motor: 2.2 /3.7kW

  • Fanuc 31i-A 3-path CNC drastically shortens cycle time

The BH20Z turning center is CONVERTIBLE and may be run as a traditional sliding headstock Swiss Type Lathe using the guide bushing or run without the guide bushing with the addition of an optional chucker kit.


Maximum Bar Stock 20 mm
# Axes 8
Sliding Headstock / Guide Bushing YES
CONVERTIBLE: Run w/o Guide Bushing (chucker) YES
Max  Length: with Guide Bushing
Max Length: w/o Guide Bushing
170 mm, 6.7” 45 mm, 1.77”
# Tool Positions (std / max) 35 (max)
# Live Tool Positions (std / max) 12 Rotary Tools (Turret)
Control FANUC 31i-A
Main Spindle  Speed 200 – 10,000 rpm
Sub Spindle Speed 200 – 12,000 rpm
Live Tool Speed 200 – 8,000 (Turret)
Main Spindle Motor 2.2  / 3.7 kW
Weight 9.920 lbs., 4,500 kg
Footprint:  W x D x H 97.6”  x 62.4” x  68.2”; 2,480  × 1,585  × 1,733 mm  


  • Turning Holder
  • Double-Turning Holder 
  • Front Holder 
  • Drill Holder 
  • 2-Drill Holder
  • Powered Cross Drilling Head 
  • Cross Drilling Head 
  • High-Speed Cross 
  • Drilling Head
  • Drilling Head 
  • High-Speed Drilling Head 
  • Whirling Head 
  • Helical Gear-Hobbing Head
  • Milling Head