Tsugami VA3
Tsugami VA3
14 marzo, 2016
Tsugami SS20M-5AX
Tsugami SS20M-5AX
15 marzo, 2016

Tsugami B020M

Tsugami B020M

Tsugami B020M - II

20 mm Turn/Mill Multitasking Turning Center

Tsugami B020M - II

Tsugami B020M - Multitasking Turning Center with CNC Milling Capabilities

The Tsugami B020M - II Turn/Mill Multitasking Turning Center represents the perfect integration of an automatic CNC lathe with a vertical machining center in a compact machine tool for producing small, high-precision parts. You start with the functions, precision and speed built into every Tsugami CNC lathe and enhance it with a powerful vertical milling spindle mounted to a B-axis that indexes 180° for CNC milling operations with the workpiece in either the main or sub spindle.

The result? A compact, flexible multitasking machine that is ideal for long runs of complex-shaped parts made from 20mm bar stock, complete in out set-up.

Eight efficient, powerful motors drive the main, back and tool spindles; back rotary tool; tool magazine;  B-axis; X1, X2; and Z1, Y1, Z2 functions. The Tsugami B020M - II multitasking machine delivers all of the performance of a high-quality Swiss Type Lathe coupled with the incredible flexibility of a vertical machining center with 24 Tool ATC.

Key Advantages Include:

  • 30,000 rpm Tool Spindle, B-axis index of 0.001°, Swivel Angle of 0-180° - provides flexibility of a VMC without fixtures and blank materials
  • Simultaneous Main (10,000rpm) and Sub Spindle (12,000) Operations - slash cycle time, enable complex parts to be made faster in one set-up
  • 24 Tool Automatic Tool Changer with direct ATC capability provides multiple tool options with secure tool changes, independent AC servo motor
  • ATC Located On Front Side of Machine for easy maintenance and tool changes
  • Dedicated Back Tool Post back-side processes may be overlapped with main spindle operations
  • Back Tool Post Operates even when tool spindle is in change mode, increasing throughput
  • Back Spindle Turning and Milling of the workpiece, allowing the part to be made in one set-up
  • Compact Footprint
  • Fanuc Oi-TD CNC Control


Maximum Bar Stock 20 mm
Tool Storage 24 Tool ATC
Main Spindle Speed 200 - 10,000 rpm
Main Motor Speed 2.2 / 3.7 kw
Back Spindle Speed 200 - 12,000 rpm
Back Motor Speed 1.5  / 2.2 kw
Tool Spindle Speed 300 - 30,000 rpm
Tool Spindle Motor 3.7  / 5.5 kw
Control    Fanuc 0i-TD
Weight 5,952 lbs., 2,700 kg
Footprint:  W x D x H 65”  x 46.5” x  65.7”; 1,650× 1,180× 1,670mm  


  • Turning Holder
  • Round Shank Holder