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TSP Equipment

TSP Equipment

Total System Partnership® (TSP) is the Hangsterfer’s division, which supplies basic yet functional equipment that aids in the longevity of metalworking fluids. “Walk before you run” and “keep it simple” form the basis of the TSP philosophy. Since our lubricants are engineered to be recycled, it makes sense to partner them with basic fluid management equipment. Adding TSP products to your operations will help reduce fluid related costs.


Why use a filtration system? Improve tool life, surface finish, reduce machine down time for sump maintenance and extend fluid life. Why use our system? Patented non-channeling filter elements for longer life, fluid is filtered before entering pump and portable frame design.

Lab Equipment

We are the source for all of the essential laboratory and associated equipment necessary to analyze coolants and most water-dependent systems. Both hand held and bench style equipment to suit your particular needs are available. With minimal investment, you can have a fully functional analytical laboratory to handle almost any coolant related problem.

Machine Accessories

A clear view or the tool and work piece can be important to the set up and operator when working on a CNC machine. Clearing the viewing window can be important while testing tools and/or operations. Vis-A-Clear will help to clear a viewing window and help prevent costly mistakes.


Improper coolant concentration is one of the single most common reasons for coolant failure. If the concentration is too low, rust and bacteria can be a problem. If it is too high, increased consumption will follow. Using a proportionator will significantly reduce problems that may occur with coolants. Regardless of which work shift, everyone will be mixing coolant the same way every time.


Coolant foaming conditions vary due to tank size and coolant turnover. If these conditions cannot be changed, a simple alternative is controlled pumping of anti-foam additive into the coolant stream or tank. The Accu-Pump is designed for this application.


Maintaining a proper coolant concentration in the sump can extend its life by as much as 50%. Low concentration can cause poor tool life, lack of chip flow due to reduce lubricity and reduced sump life. Over concentration can cause poor tool life due to lack of adequate cooling, lack of chip flow due to viscosity, increased concentration usage without benefit and increased foam tendencies.

Sump Cleaners

Sump Cleaners are an efficient means of sump clean out, as well as coolant and cutting oil transfer. Conveniently transfers fluid from the machine to a reclamation system and returns the recycled fluid back to the cleaned machines.


Totes are engineered to reduce the costs associated with drum storage and disposal. Convenient recyclable totes are offered which meet or exceed DOT regulations.

Tramp Oil Skimmers

Tramp oil, which includes primarily way oil, hydraulic oil and grease, will negatively affect the coolant’s performance. Tramp oil, between the tool-workpiece interface, will interfere with the coolant’s ability to dissipate heat and lubricate. In addition, tramp oil can promote odor-causing bacteria, which can degrade the coolant and cause dermatitis.

Water Treatment

Water utilities vary their sources from season to season, affecting water quality and coolant foam tendencies. Our Water Treatment product is self-regulating and slow-dissolving for up to 6 months with regular coolant makeup and will not over condition your water. There are no chemicals to work with: simply replace empty cartridges.