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17 diciembre, 2015
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17 diciembre, 2015

Productos Misceláneos

Miscellaneous Products

Rust Inhibitors are available in both aqueous and non-aqueous varieties. We have products for very short term, as well as long-term protection. Aqueous cleaners are available in a variety of detergency and pH ranges depending on the cleaning objectives. We also offer non-aqueous cleaning solvents, which are ozone friendly. Specialty additives are used for the easy correction of in-process errors or for making adjustments needed to compensate for engineering changes.

Rust Inhibitors

Metal Deactivator Neat Oil

Metal Deactivator Water Based

Rust Coat 10

Rust Coat 35

Rust Coat 60

Rust Coat 2000

Soluble RP

Aqueous Cleaners

A.C. Cleaner

Clean All

Machine Cleaner

Ozonic 117

Ozonic 203



Specialty Additives

Additive Antifoam H-710

Additive Calcium Liquid