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17 diciembre, 2015
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17 diciembre, 2015

Lubricantes de Maquina-Herramientas

Machine Lubricants

In the early 1980s, Hangsterfer’s developed “coolant compatible” machine lubricants that do not cause negative coolant effects such as odor, staining and dermatitis.

Our unique “coolant compatible” formulation allows the oil to remain on the sliding surface in a completely fluid-like state, thus protecting the surface more effectively than old technology. Water is repelled which improves lubrication and prevents corrosion. Once you perform the easy conversion to our Way Oil series you will immediately see the benefits.

Slide Way Oil

Way Oil 1 ISO VG 32

Way Oil 2 ISO VG 68

Way Oil 3 ISO VG 150

Way Oil 4 ISO VG 220

Spindle & Hydraulic Oil

Antiwear 2 ISO VG 2

Antiwear 10 ISO VG 10

Antiwear 22 ISO VG 22

Antiwear 32 ISO VG 32

Antiwear 46 ISO VG 46

Antiwear 68 ISO VG 68

Antiwear 100 ISO VG 100

Antiwear 150 ISO VG 150

Antiwear 220 ISO VG 220