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Compuesto para formado de metales

Metalforming Compounds

Our “grease-like” metalforming compounds are highly fortified with additives that prevent metal-to-metal contact at the tool-workpiece interface where temperatures can exceed 1000° C. Elastrohydrodynamic Lubrication (EHL) forms an evenly distributed film that eliminates galling and improves surface quality. It develops under extreme pressure from our use of long-chain chlorinated paraffins, select synthetic fat and synthetic oils.

We specialize in forming and drawing compounds for tube, rod, wire, bar and blanks. Hangsterfer’s can custom blend products for whatever unique metalforming application you may have.


Aldraw J-1 (Clear) A medium grade compound for drawing, forming and stamping. It is recommended for tube drawing and deep drawing, as well as a coating in fabricating 10-19 gauge metals.

Aldraw J-1 Dark This is a special version of the Aldraw J-1 that we sell overseas.

Aldraw J-1 E This is the aqueous cleanable version of Aldraw J-1.

Aldraw J-2 (Clear) A heavy viscosity compound developed especially for drawing, Stainless Steel tubing and other difficult to draw metals. J-2 is also used extensively in drawing bars and rods, as well as for Forming, deep drawing, perforating, blanking, stamping and other forming operations.

Aldraw J-2 Dark This is a special version of the Aldraw J-2 that we sell overseas.

Aldraw J-2 E This is the aqueous cleanable version of Aldraw J-2.

Aldraw J-4 (Clear) A lighter grade viscosity compound than J-1, J-4 is utilized for moderate stamping, drawing, and forming in moderately severe applications. J-4 can be pumped, but is usually hand applied.

Aldraw J-4 E This is the aqueous cleanable version of Aldraw J-4.

Aldraw J-50 A lighter grade viscosity compound than J-4, J-50 is utilized for light stamping, drawing, and forming in less severe applications. J-50 is easily pumped and penetrates metal more rapidly.

Aldraw J-50 E This is the aqueous cleanable version of Aldraw J-50.

Aldraw JD-8801 A medium viscosity compound formulated for use in conjunction with floating plugs in the tube drawing industry. Provides a bright finish when used on the I.D.

Aldraw JD-8801 E A medium viscosity compound formulated for the tube industry for use in floating and semi-floating plug drawing of Stainless Steel and nickel alloys.

Aldraw JD-9020 Used in metal forming applications. Does not contain chlorinated paraffins or high concentrations of sulfur. Aqueous Cleanable, Oil Free.

Aldraw JD-9030 This is the more heavy duty version of JD-9020.

Aldraw JH-9402 Used for tube and wire drawing when surface quality and finish of the ID are critical. It can also be used for deep drawing and forming when conventional fluids are inadequate. JH 9402 is primarily for Stainless Steels, nickel alloys and titanium, but can be used safely on most materials.

Aldraw K-21 This oil is intended for moderate duty applications that require an oil that can recirculate, provide an adequate level of EP additive and clean off easily in aqueous cleaning systems.

Aldraw K-90 The same as K-21, but intended for more heavy duty applications, like drawing and forming.

Vanishing Oil This fluid does as the name suggests - it vanishes. It is used most frequently for light stamping and forming applications on non-ferrous materials.


Hangsterfer’s Laboratories has been supplying semi-plastic precoats to the tube drawing and deep drawing industries since 1970. The material being worked is first submerged in or painted with the appropriate precoat. The carrier is allowed to evaporate leaving behind a tough protective film. Depending on the application and the material, the precoat will either be hard and dry or soft and tacky.

5 PC-NF Concentrate

112 QD-NF Concentrate

114 QD-NF Concentrate